BGC-360 is the strategic implementation of our vision:

“Building a network of churches that makes disciples who live and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities, Canada and the Nations.”

Why BGC-360?

From Kevin Schular, Executive Director

As I have been traveling and meeting people across the BGC Canada, I asked the Lord to guide me in understanding our Conference. I wanted a 360 degree perspective of our churches, districts, global personnel, seminary, foundation, church planting and health. How are we impacting our Canada for Christ?

The first three words in our vision statement are: “Building a network”.

The number 360 began to resonate in my heart. What if the Lord would raise up:

  • 360 people in our BGC churches
    • to pray 360 seconds every day for the BGC ministry
    • to provide financial support for BGC Projects at $360 a year
    • to promote BGC initiatives in their churches

When this network is established, can you ENVISION how this would IMPACT:

  • YOUR LIFE: your spiritual growth
  • YOUR CITY: your church’s spiritual influence
  • YOUR COUNTRY: changing your province and nation
  • YOUR WORLD: empowering our BGC missionaries globally

I dream of seeing all of us united and working together to build a BGC Network that will fulfill the Great Commission. Will you join us?

Kevin Schular, Executive Director

# People the Lord is raising up

# Seconds Praying daily for BGC

# People Providing Financial Support


We need to Build A Network…of our churches, people, and missionaries and engage them as a team working together to accomplish great things for God locally, nationally and internationally.

We will do this in 2017 by:

  • Building a Prayer Team to advocate for BGC initiatives
  • Planting New Churches to reach people who don’t know Jesus
  • Strengthening Our Current Churches with the training needed to be more effective
  • Encouraging our Missionaries with our prayers, financial support, and mission trips



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BGC-360 is an initiative of the Baptist General Conference of Canada.

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